Nothing beats sat around a roaring log fire and the lovely aroma of burning wood.  Since records began wood has been used to: heat homes, light fires, cook on and a place for the family to gather around.

Today, although not as primitive, our affection and appreciation for wood still continues; you may now cook on a pizza oven or BBQ and sit around a Chiminea or fire pit but there is nothing we are more certain of – an open fire or wood burning stove is the heart of the home.

Wood is a major source of renewable heat energy and burnt efficiently nothing is also more truly sustainable than wood, as a carbon neutral fuel. By burning wood you are helping the environment.

Burning truly seasoned wood releases carbon dioxide.  When the wood is burned this carbon is oxidised and released as CO2. This is absorbed from the atmosphere and used for growth by other trees and plants and returning oxygen to the atmosphere. As a result, using wood from sustainably managed trees reduces net CO2 production compared to using fossil 

This means that heating using wood can significantly reduce our 
reliance on fossil fuels while also reducing our CO2 emissions.

Burning wood is also real. There is nothing like the ambiance and radiant warmth of burning wood – whether it’s at a campfire or a cook-out, on a fireplace hearth, or in a wood burning stove. It’s a fundamentally creative exercise. Every fire is different, every day. It makes a house a home.