The English Log Company is the UK’s premier wood supplier to the corporate industry supplying many; Stove retail stores, Restaurants, Pizzerias, Hotels, Pubs, Garden Centres, Holiday market & Lodge Parks and Industrial units just to name a few, throughout the UK. We believe in our brand that it is built on a reputation of trust, a superb product with a ‘Good Old Fashioned’, professional customer service.

We aim to help educate our clients about the importance of dry wood and the correct fuel for there needs. This is so very important, but often ignored.

A lot of time is spent building up valuable relationships with corporate partners and truly value their custom. Our brand, logo point of sale and packaging has been designed to a very high standard that hopefully will please. We understand how important a pleasant, quick ordering process is, the finest quality product and a stress free, on time delivery. Invoicing and payments terms can be arranged.

We pride ourselves on a high level of knowledge, a friendly and efficient customer service from a dedicated team with a passion for the firewood industry. We endeavour to bring a more professional approach to what is a very traditional cottage industry.